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Chicago – Montreal

2019 Departures: August 28

Chicago / Montreal

Ten thousand years ago, the last great glaciers retreated, leaving the legacy of the Great Lakes. Cruise through all the wild splendor, rugged wilderness and majesty of the Northern lakes, canals and rivers from ...Learn More

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Fall Foliage

2019 Departures: September 27, October 5, October 12

New York / Montreal

This two-nation cruise includes it all from the glitz and dazzle of the Manhattan skyline to the cobblestone streets and vintage charm of Quebec. The romantic contrast of the ...Learn More

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French Canada & Great Lakes

2019 Departures: May 28, June 6, July 12, July 21, July 30, August 8, August 17, August 26, October 10

Montreal / Detroit

Witness the splendor of the French-Canadian countryside as we sail through the St. Lawrence Seaway, Lake Ontario and ...Learn More

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French Canadian Great Lakes, Nova Scotia & New England

2019 Departures: May 18, October 19

Gloucester, MA / Montreal

Step back in time as you visit British, Scottish, and French-Canadian maritime ports.

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Great American Waterways

2019 Departures: June 12, June 29, July 29, August 11, September 3

Chicago / New York

Four stunning Great Lakes and the historic Erie Canal merge to create one amazing adventure. This journey will capture your imagination, leaving you lost in ...Learn More

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Great Lakes

2019 Departures: August 17, August 24

Chicago (Milwaukee) / Toronto (Midland)

The Great Lakes region is one of the most spectacular waterways in the world. With breathtaking island views and beautiful clear waters, the Great Lakes are also host to many ...Learn More

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Great Lakes

2020 Departures: June 3, June 17

Chicago / Toronto

Like an eighth world ocean in the forests of North America, the Great Lakes are a natural paradise that the HANSEATIC inspiration will visit in style.

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Great Lakes & Georgian Bay

2019 Departures: June 1, June 12, June 23, July 4, July 15, July 26, August 6, August 31

Chicago (Milwaukee) / Toronto

The Great Lakes form the largest freshwater ecosystem on Earth with a melding of natural wonder and majestic beauty. ...Learn More

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Great Lakes Grand Discovery

2019 Departures: May 13, May 22, May 31, June 9, June 27, July 6, August 11, August 20, August 29, October 4, October 13

Chicago / Toronto

Nearly 15,000 years ago, the last of the great glaciers retreated, leaving us the ...Learn More

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Magical Lake Michigan

2019 Departures: August 15, August 24

Chicago Round Trip

The breathtaking Lake Michigan is a scenic journey filled with natural beauty. Its coastline is met by picturesque lighthouses on white sand beaches, charming small towns rich in history, and the buzz ...Learn More

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St. Lawrence & Jewels of French Canada

2019 Departures: May 3, October 22

Portland / Toronto

While exploring French Canada and the Maritimes, you’ll be transported – figuratively – to the ‘old world’. There is so much history living in the region, you’ll experience the layers of time ...Learn More

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The Saguenay

2019 Departures: September 12, September 20

New York / Montreal

Spectacular natural scenery abounds on this adventure from New York to southeastern Canada. From the bustling bright lights of Manhattan to the charm and sophistication of Montreal, travel the waterways that ...Learn More

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